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Unformatted text preview: the social sciences (Peyton Young, Granovetter, Martin Nowak ...; diffusion of innovation; societal norms) • Recent theorems: “network coordination games” (bigger payout if connected nodes in the same state) (Kleinberg, Kempe, Tardos, Dodds, Watts, Domingos) • Finding the influential set of nodes, or the k most influential Often NP-hard and not amenable to approximation algorithms • Key distinction: – thresholds of activation (leads to unpredictable behaviors) – diminishing returns (submodular functions nicer) Diffusion, Cascade behaviors, and influential nodes Part III: Markov chains and mixing times • New game-theoretic approaches (general coordination games) – Results in an Ising model. – Montanari and Saberi PNAS 2010. • Techniques from Parts I and II suggest: – Innovations spread quickly in highly connected networks. – Long-range links benefit spreading. – High-degree nodes quite influential (enhance spreading). • Techniques from Part III suggest: – Innovations spread quickly in locally connec...
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