Eg workers who value family time will be dissatisfied

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Unformatted text preview: because they reflect beliefs about the outcomes of work and behavior at work. Eg., Workers who value family time will be dissatisfied with jobs requiring overtime. The work situation is the most important source of job satisfaction. A work situation includes the tasks, the people involved, the surroundings, and the treatment of the jobholder. Performing a boring task in a noisy crowded environment leads to lower job satisfaction. Social influence can come from coworkers or the groups. Workers surrounded by dissatisfied coworkers tend to be dissatisfied themselves Potential Consequences of Job Satisfaction Does Job Satisfaction Affect Job Performance? ->productive (30’s & 40’s) -- studies show that job satisfaction is not strongly related to job performance. Workers cannot change job performance to meet their satisfaction level because rules and procedures dictate performance levels and punish workers who fail to comply productivity -> ☺ -- When workers are fairly rewarded for job performance, satisfaction increases Absenteeism has a weak negative relationshi...
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