America atacama andes humboldt current continental

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Unformatted text preview: Sahara) - “Rain shadow” deserts: - Great Basin Desert in N. America - Atacama (Andes + Humboldt current) - Continental interior (far from Ocean) (e.g., Gobi, C. Asia) Desert 20% of Earth’s land is desert; rainfall < 25 cm/year; soils shallow, often w. hardpans of calcium carbonate at ≤ 1 m; plants grow quickly during periods of rainfall; plants include succulents, deciduous shrubs, grasses New World: Cactaceae Africa: Euphorbiaceae Mediterranean Woodlands & Shrublands “mediterranean” climate: mild winters with rain; cool & moist from Fall to Spring; hot summers with drought Mediterranean Woodlands & Shrublands soils: fragile, moderate fertility; high biodiversity o pen canopy of short trees & thick shrubs; regular disturbance by fire promotes diversity; sclerophyllous plants (small, tough leaves); other adaptations against fire Temperate grassland too dry to support trees, but wet enough for grasses most precipitation during growing season wetter than deserts, but often experience drought in North America: non-climax, maintained by fire Temperate grassla...
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