Tropical dry forest soil re properties 3 tropical

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Unformatted text preview: ate 2. Tropical dry forest - soil & fire properties 3. Tropical savanna 4. Desert 5. Mediterranean woodland & shrubland 6. Temperate grassland 7. Temperate forest 8. Boreal forest 9. Tundra 10. Alpine tundra Potential distribution (actual distribution affected by human activities) Characterizing climate: climate diagrams Note change in axis scale precipitation temperature months with average min. temp. above freezing to distinguish biomes, note: - absolute temp. & precipitation - relationship between temp. & precip. (indicates water availability) - # months above freezing Whittaker’s Climate Diagram Focus on average temperature & annual precipitation Problem: discards: seasonality; fire; soil conditions ➡ affect which biome is present Tropical Rainforests most wi...
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