Lichens biomes mountains mountains create elevational

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Unformatted text preview: n Tundra trees cease to be dominant vegetation beyond low shrubs & dwarf tress (heaths, willows, birches), grasses, sedges, euphorbs, moss & lichens Biomes & mountains mountains create elevational climatic gradients; e.g., temp. ca. 6 C decrease each 1000 m increase in elevation; biomes change along these gradients as with latitudinal gradients Sedges, grasses, forbs Spruce, fir Pine-aspen forest Grasslands, pine savannas Alpine Tundra at high elevations in temperate & tropical regions; harsh conditions limit vegetation growth (tree line) Difference with Arctic Tundra: - warmer, longer growth season - higher precipitation - better soil drainage - higher biodiversity Páramo Temperate Forest Fire Temperate Grassland Desert Tropical Savanna Tropical Dry Forest Tropical Rain Forest Weather, soil & fire...
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