less seasonal spherical shape tilt orbit basic

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Unformatted text preview: verage temp., - less seasonal Spherical shape + tilt + orbit: basic mechanism causing seasonal variation in temperature Southern summer: S. hemisphere tilted towards Sun Tropics: rainfall seasonality (wet & dry seasons) Weather dominated by oscillation of Tropical Rain Belt: oscillates between tropics of Cancer (N) & Capricorn (S) along year Oscillation: caused by spherical shape, orbit & tilt: site of most heating changes along the year: influences site of most rainfall Sun equator Earth equator Tropics: rainfall seasonality (wet & dry seasons) near tropics of Cancer & Capricorn: 1 wet season & 1 dry season per year Places in between: may have short & long wet seasons Equator: 2 wet & 2 dry seasons (Rain Belt passes twice a year, moving north & south) Merida, Mexico Bogota, Columbia Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Global climate explained by: - spherical shape of the Earth - tilting of Earth’s axis - orbit around sun Temperate zones: greater seasonality in temperature Tropics: greater seasonality in precipitation (oscillation of Tropical Rai...
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