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A eastern north america or western europe b north

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Unformatted text preview: ol currents global winds carry warmth from ocean surface to land Exercise 2: Which land masses will be warmer? (a) Eastern North America or Western Europe (b) North Eastern Asia or Western North America optional reading: Seager 2006 Am Sci other features that affect variation in climate: continents position of continental land masses: more landmass in N hemisphere - less rainfall (less open water area from which water can easily evaporate) - higher temp. variation (bc. less moderating effect of oceans) distance from oceans: - less rainfall in interior than coast (interior further away from major sites of water evaporation [ocean surface]) - less temperature variation along coasts (heat storage capacity of ocean water) other features affect variation in climate: mountain ranges Rain shadow effect The rain shadow effect in California Mojave desert r ier S The An des Ne a d va a The rain shadow effect in Chile & Argentina Patagonia desert...
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