temperature optimum temp varies with prevailing temp

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Unformatted text preview: vity limited by... Temperature optimum temp. varies with prevailing temp. in environment Temperate species: 16 C Tropical species: up to 38 C in general, increases with temperature ... but photorespiration ... Primary productivity limited by... Water CO2 uptake - H2O loss trade-off productivity decreases: productivity increases waterlogged soil depresses decomposition -> reduces nutrient regeneration Primary productivity limited by... Nutrients (N, P) Mycorrhizae: plant-fungus symbiosis (trade nutrients for sugars); enhance plant’s ability to extract less soluble nutrients, promote nutrient uptake from soil, particularly P assigned reading: Whitfield 2007 Primary productivity limited by... Nutrients (N, P) different spp., different limitations: e.g., experiment with Chaparral species (California) Adenostema shrubs: respond to N, N+P control +N +P +N&P legume shrub w. root symbionts: weak response to P only, bc of N-fixing bacteria control +N +P +N&P annuals (e.g., grasses): strong response to N & to N+P control +N +P +N&P Primary productivity across latitudes & ecosystems intermediate/high latitude - less sunlight (winter) - lower temps - shorter growing season Across latitudes: near equator - intense sunlight - higher temps - abundant rainfall Across ecosys...
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