5 our church should discipline any members who

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Unformatted text preview: ur church should discipline any members who advocate abortion, perform abortions, or national tragedy that two of our former Presidents, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, both claimed to be Southern Baptists, but were pro-abortion. Their churches should have disciplined them publicly. In conclusion, I want to speak to any who may already have had an abortion or who may have urged someone else to have an abortion. Perhaps you did it in ignorance, but now you realize that and was responsible for the deaths of many innocent people, wrote that, and then claimed, matter how great your guilt, if you will turn from your sin and trust Jesus Christ as the one who bore your sin on the cross, God will pardon all of your sin and credit the righteousness of Jesus to your account (Rom. 4:4-5). Discussion Questions 1. Does being pro-life mean that all forms of birth control are wrong? Are some forms of birth control wrong? Why? 3. Should Christians practice civil disobedience to protest the current abortion practices? Give biblical support. incest, or severe deformity? Why/why not? Copyright, Steven J. Cole, 2004, All Rights Reserved. Unless otherwise noted, all Scripture Quotations are from the New American Standard Bible, Updated Edition The Lockman Foundation !""#$%%&&&'()*+),,-+,'./0%1(+/02%#/."%/+,.-/1+,%,+/3.4,%,"+5+61.(+'!"37 7...
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