If we cannot expose ourselves completely before our

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Unformatted text preview: entamu (April 27, 2011), the Archbishop of York noted, "It will not be `I do'. We take it for granted that the bride and groom love each other on their wedding day, so there is no need to ask them if they do. It is what follows that counts" (para, 1). The vows are intended to remind the couple that promising to love, comfort, honor and keep do not cease until death. The aim is to be forward thinking. Despite the difficulties and the tough times, the pledge reminds the couple about what is expected. The Archbishop further explains, "Marriage in Britain, whether in church or a register office, is a pact for life made between one man and one woman. But these days, people seem to fight shy of a permanent commitment to anything or anybody" (para, 3). The Archbishop continues: Who giveth this woman to be married to this man? The Archbishop receives Catherine from her father's hand. Taking Catherine's right hand, Prince William says after the Archbishop: I, William Arthur Philip Louis, take thee, Catherine Elizabeth to my wedded wife, to 4 have and to hold from thi...
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