Secondly it was ordained in order that the natural

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Unformatted text preview: Creator's sustaining and governing hand is not absent from the many ways in which human beings organize their living together. However society arranges itself, it must always do its arranging in terms of creational givens. That the family consists of a father, mother, and children living together in bonds of committed caring is not an arbitrary happenstance; nor is it a mere convention that can be dismissed when it has outlived its usefulness. No, it is rooted in the way a wise Creator made human nature--rooted in biological, emotional, social, and moral constitution of men and women. There is a design for the family, a basic pattern that allows for variety but also sets certain very definite boundaries. Families as we know them are partially obedient and partially disobedient responses to that basic creational pattern. The creational structure of the family is the inescapable requirement for the existence of families at all, allowing us to recognize the family as family. The family is a societal institution established by...
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