Nmax11 of array 0nmax2 1 of type array deklarasi

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Unformatted text preview: WDS+FNA/IF2030/Matriks 14 Implementasi Matriks di C: Array 2 Dimensi (Statik) Notasi Algoritmik Bahasa C {Deklarasi Array} nm_array : array [0..nmax11] of array [0..nmax2-1] of type-array /*Deklarasi Array*/ type-array nm_array yp [nmax1][nmax2]; {Cara mengacu elemen} nm_array[idx1,idx2] /*Cara mengacu elemen*/ nm_array[idx1][idx2] Contoh: Tab2D : array [0..2] of array of array [0..3] of integer Tab2D[i,j] ← 9 X ← Tab2D[2,3] Contoh: int Tab2D[3][4]; 10/5/2011 Tab2D[i][j] = 9; X = Tab2D[2][3]; Tab2D[2][3]; WDS+FNA/IF2030/Matriks 15...
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