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Unformatted text preview: ft:h(x) = f(x + c) Write the equation of the function assuming it was transformed directly from its parent function. Describe the transformation each graph would go through. 1. f(x) = (x ­ 4)2 ­ 6 2. g(x) = | x + 7 | ­ 4 3. h(x) = (x ­ 3)3 + 10.2 Reflections: Reflections in the coordinate axes of the graph y = f(x) are represented as follows. 1. Reflection in the x­axis:h(x) = ­f(x) 2. Reflection in the y­axis:h(x) = f(­x) Determine the reflection of f(x). Write the equation of the function after its transformation...
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