Surface foundation subjected to a dynamic vertical

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Unformatted text preview: face Foundation subjected to a Dynamic Vertical Load During a vertical excitation Peiωt, a vertical contact earthpressure σ(xj)eiωt is caused along the contact area(x1<xj<x2) between the foundation bottom and the soil surface. Contact Earth-Pressure Consider a displacement u(xi) at a point xi due to a earthpressure σ(xj) at a point xj. Green’s Function When σ(xj)=1, a displacement u(xi) at a point xi is called “Green’s Function”, and expressed by: u(xi ) = g(xi : xj ) (1) The displacement at xi due to whole contact earth pressure σ(xj) , x1<xj<x2 is given by: u(xi) = g(xi : xj)σ(xj) dxj (2) Partition the interface between foundation and s...
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