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U1 11t u0 7 eq7 is rewritten as ur u0 8 where r1

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Unformatted text preview: cement U0 of the foundation. {u}={1, 1,……,1}T U0 (7) Eq.(7) is rewritten as: {u}={R} U0 (8) Where, {R}={1, 1,……,1}T (9) {u} = {R} U0 (8) {R} = {1, 1,……,1}T (9) {R} is called Restraint Vector, which relates the representative displacement U0 of the foundation to the displacement vector {u} at the interface. In multi-degrees of freedom cases, the restraint vector {R} becomes Restraint Matrix [R]. The applied force P coincides with combined contact earth pressure (sum of contact earth-pressure...
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