For a seismic design analysis of a superstructure a

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Unformatted text preview: supported by pile group as shown in the figure. For a seismic design analysis of a superstructure, a dynamic analysis using the sway-rocking model shown in the figure is enough. However, a structure supported by pile foundation requires further calculation of dynamic behaviors of the pile group. The dynamic analysis must be performed as follows. (B) Building Foundation Soil Pile G.L (F) uP ug Incident Earthquake Wave (a) Interaction System The dynamic impedance functions and the foundation input motion for the pile group foundation are similarly calculated under the assumption that foundation footing or the basement on the piles is a massless rigid body. Performing the dynamic analysis using the swayrocking model shown in the figure, we obtain the total inertial force F and the total overturning moment M at the foundation bottom level, which are equal respectively to the reaction forces of the horizontal KHH and...
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