The concept of the kinematic and the inertial

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Unformatted text preview: oth of the interaction systems. The concept of the kinematic and the inertial interaction is very useful, when you will employ FEM or FDM for the interaction analysis. When you will performed an analysis using methods based on the elastic wave propagation theory, a substructural method described after will be more effective concept. F : Inertia Force of Building and Foundation (B) Building Foundation Soil Pile M : Overturning Moment Massless Rigid Foundation G.L (F) uP ug = Soil Pile G.L M F (I) uP + ug (I) Soil Pile G.L (F) (K) uP ug (K) Incident Earthquake Wave Incident Earthquake Wave (a) Interaction System Massless Rigid Foundation (b) Inertia Interaction (c) Kinematic Interaction Inertial and Kinematic Interaction Dynamic Soil Structure Interaction END Chapter 4: Dynamic Impedance Function and Foundation Input Motion Kenji MIURA, Dr. Eng. Professor Graduate School of Engineering Hiroshima University...
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