Then the dynamic impedance matrix is given by 15 that

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Unformatted text preview: ent M= 1eiωt on the foundation are calculated. Then, the dynamic impedance matrix is given by: (15) that is, the dynamic impedance matrix is given by inverse matrix of the displacement matrix. The cross terms KHR and KRH in the dynamic impedance matrix are trivial for the foundation when the embedding depth is shallow. The response of the massless foundation due to the earthquake disturbance is calculated, the lateral response Δ and the rotational angle Θ are the foundation input motion of the horizontal and the rotational component, respectively. The figure shows the dynamic analysis model for the superstructure-foundation-soil interaction system ( coupling system). In this model, the foundation assumed to be rigid is supported by the horizontal KHH and the rotational KRR dynamic impedance functions and the foundation input motions Δ and Θ are applied at the outside of the impedance functions. Building KHH Foundation KRR Δ Θ Sway-Rocking Model We review the Sway-Rocking Model using the structure...
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