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Uf eit us eit ubeit for a practical seismic design

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Unformatted text preview: foundation input motion. Uf eiωt US eiωt Ubeiωt For a practical seismic design analysis of a building, the Sway-Rocking Model as shown in the figure have been being employed. Building KHH Foundation KRR Δ Θ Sway-Rocking Model In this figure, KHH and KRR : Dynamic Impedance Function Δ and Θ : Foundation Input Motion When the foundation has two degrees of freedom (uf,φf) shown in the figure, the equation of motion are expressed as: (14) Where: m and I : mass and inertia moment of foundation KHH, KRR, KHR=KRH : dynamic impedance function Δ , Θ : foundation input motion A massless foundation is also assumed for calculation of the dynamic impedance function and the foundation input motion. The lateral displacement u1eiωt and the rotational angle φ1 eiωt due to an unit lateral force P=1eiωt on the foundation are calculated. And also, the lateral displacement u2 eiωt and the rotational angle φ2 eiωt due to an unit mom...
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