The shear stress at the ground surface z10 becomes

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Unformatted text preview: t the ground surface (z1=0) becomes zero. (47) (48) Therefore, the displacement and the shear stress in the surface stratum are: (49) (50) The boundary conditions are given at the interface between the surface stratum and the engineering bedrock. (51) (52) Substituting Eq.(45) and Eq.(49) into Eq.(51): (53) Putting Eq.(46) and Eq.(50) into Eq.(52): (54) (55) where, (56) Eq.(53) : (53) plus Eq.(55) : (55) gives, (57) (58) From Eq.(53): Putting Eq.(58) into the above equation, (59) The displacement US at the ground surface: = 4E o (1 + α )eiκ1H + (1 − α )e − iκ1H (60) (61) Absolute value of US/(2EO) is: US 1 abs.( )= 2E o cos 2 ( κ1H) + α 2 sin 2 ( κ1H) (62) 2EO is the displacement of the engineering bedrock, when the surface stratum is removed and the engineering bedrock is in outcrop. Similarly, the displacement at the interface is given by: (63) Absolute value of UB/(2EO) is: (64) The ratio of US to UB is : (65) And the absolute value is: (66) Abs.(US/2EO) and Abs.(UB/2EO) The fi...
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