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Us2eo and absub2eo the first natural circular

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Unformatted text preview: rst natural circular frequency: ω1H/V1=π/2 4 ω1=(π/2)(V1/H) The second natural circular frequency: ω2=3 ω1 The first natural period T1 and frequency f1: T1=2π/ ω1=(4H)/ V1 f1=1/ T1=V1/(4H) ω1 The second natural period T2 and frequency f2: f2= 3f1 T2= T1/3 ω2 Abs. US/2EO at the natural frequency is: 1/α When the impedance ratio α is smaller, the amplification at the natural frequency becomes larger. That is, when the surface stratum is much softer than the engineering bedrock, the amplification becomes much larger. max. Us/2Eo ω1 ω2 Dynamic Soil Structure Interaction END One-Dimensional Shear Wave Propagation in Two-Layered Strata Kenji MIURA, Dr. Eng. Professor Graduate School of Engineering Hiroshima University...
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