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Unformatted text preview: 2 d1 d2 . . . (j) (j) Fj ρj, Vj, hj Ej (j+1) dj . . . (n) (n+1) G.L (n) (n+1) En En+1 =Eo Fn ρn, Vn, hn dn Fn+1 ρn+1, Vn+1, hn+1 Engineering Bedrock Wave Propagation in Multi-Layered Strata We consider the wave propagation in j-th stratum of the multi-layered strata. zj=0 ( j) j-th stratum Ej Fj dj Zj zj=dj ( j+1) zj+1=0 ( j+1)-th stratum Zj+1 The displacement amplitude U and the shear stress amplitude Τ are expressed by Eq.(14) and Eq.(15) as explained before. (14) (15) The subscript j is employed for expression of the term concerning j-th stratum. The displacement amplitude Uj(zj) and the shear stress amplitude Tj(zj) in the j-th stratum can be expressed by: (16) (17) ( j) j-th stratum ( j+1) Ej Fj Zj Uj(zj) Τj(zj) dj On the (j+1)-th interface between j-th and (j+1)-th stratum, the displacement continuity: (18) And the shear stress continuity : (19) must be satisfied: zj=0 ( j) ( j) Ej Fj Zj Uj(dj)=Uj+1(0) ( j+1) Ej+1 ( j+1) Fj+1 dj Τj(dj)=Τj+1(0) Zj+1 Putting Eq.(16) : (16) into...
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