Find the density function of density function of with

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Unformatted text preview: g and Tang, 1975). , where , we have . or We know that, Following the above equation, density function of strain energy, U will be: for fU (u ) f U u u exp 2cu 2c 1 0 u This is a Chi-square type distribution with one degree of freedom. Graphically the distribution follows as shown in the figure. Problem 3. The height of earth dams must allow sufficient freeboard above the maximum reservoir level to prevent waves from washing over the top. The determination of this height would include the consideration of wind tide and wave height. where, = wind speed in miles; =fetch or length of water surface over which the wind blows, in feet; =average depth of lake along the fetch, in feet. If wind speed has an exponential distribution with mean speed, , Then determine the distribution of the tide, . (Ang and Tang, 1975) Solution. Denoting , we have . Thus and then we get, In this case, , Thus we have,...
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