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Unformatted text preview: spectrum for all electromagne?c radia?on – look at how the different energy of the spectrum interacts with maRer differently UV Radia?on What’s going on here? Can you predict which would take more energy to break? UV photon O2 2 O UV photon O3 O2 + O Steady State Reac?on‐Chapman Cycle Steady State Reac?on‐Chapman Cycle O2 and O3 do a good job of filtering the UV which is a very good thing! What does UV radia?on do to you? Melanoma Skin Cancer Some days are worse than others Decreases in O3 don’t just affect people •  Add about plants, animals other ?dbits •  To understand what could have caused these increased problems you must understand something about the type of chemistry occurring in the atmosphere… next lecture Stratospheric Ozone Destruc?on Global Observa?ons and Causes Antarc?c Ozone Natural Sources that disrupt steady state •  H2O •  NO Chlorofluorocarbons: What are they and Where did they come from? •  Hydrocarbon containing Cl and F CFC’s •  CFC’s do not occur naturally ‐ synthe?c material •  Freon 11 Freon 12 CFC’s unique proper?es major economic growth CFC’s unique proper?es stable in environment …un?l it gets up in the stratosphere…. Chemistry of the chlorine atom in the atmosphere Chlorine chemistry, cont. Are there any natural sources of chlorinated carbon compounds? Antarc?c Ozone Hole A...
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