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Unformatted text preview: /L ppm ppb molarity Review ConcentraCon Measurement ‐ Percent Mass Percent mass/mass raCo mass/volume raCo 70 % Isopropyl Alcohol How many grams of isopropyl alcohol are in 300 g of this soluCon? Review ConcentraCon Measurement ppm & ppb Air – ppm and ppb referred to number of selected component of air per million or billion number of total air parCcles (parCcle: atom, molecule, ion) Aqueous SoluCons ppm – parts per million ppb – parts per billion Have a different conceptual meaning: gram of selected solute per million or billion grams of soluCon. Water as a Solvent How do we define soluCons? Unit 7 Week 4 Lecture 8‐Part 2 Review ConcentraCon Measurement ‐ Molarity Molarity = mol solute liter soluCon molarity molar M mol liter Example: 1. Calculate the molarity of 2 liters of a saline soluCon containing 4 moles of NaCl. Examples Calculate the molarity of 250 mL saline soluCon containing 30 g NaCl. How many grams of silver nitrate must be dissolved to prepare 500 mL of .150 M AgNO3 soluCon? •  Your Turn 5.1...
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