Waterasasolvent waterisspecialbecauseitis

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Unformatted text preview: 0 On Earth the most of the water is salty, thus not potable. Next we will start looking at what makes water such a great solvent that most of the water on the earth has ended up salty. PracCce in your groups (problems assigned from the back of the book & Quest HW). The quiz this week will be on calculaCng concentraCons and converCng from one concentraCon unit to another. Water as a Solvent Water is special because it is extremely polar. How can one determine if a molecule is polar? Unit 7 Week 5 Lecture 9 Types of compounds: Ionic Covalent Ionic vs Covalent Bonds •  All bonds can be viewed as hybrids between purely ionic and purely covalent •  When two idenCcal atoms are bound, it is purely covalent (a). •  When two different atoms are bound, one may have a greater a>racCon for electrons, and have a parCal negaCve charge (b). •  Polar covalent bond – degree is measured as dipole moment •  When one atom has a much stronger a>racCon to the electrons than the other, an electron may be donat...
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