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Unformatted text preview: s Different Monomers Polyvinyl Chloride PVC – varia5on in arrangement, yields varia5on in proper5es polyvinylchloride •  hHp://www.3dchem.com/3dmolecule.asp?ID=327 polypropylene •  hHp://www.3dchem.com/3dmolecule.asp?ID=331 Basic Organic Chemistry Polymer Condensa5on Reac5ons Unit 8 Week 8 Lecture 17‐part 2 Condensa5on Polymers •  Condensa5on polymeriza5on – monomers join by elimina5ng (splijng out) a small molecule such at water. •  Synthe5c – nylon, Dacron, Kevlar, ABS •  Natural – cellulose, starch, wool, silk, proteins Polyamide...
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