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Exampleethaneandethanol func5onalgroups

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Unformatted text preview: proper5es to the molecules that contain them. Example: ethane and ethanol Func5onal Groups Prac5ce to learn the language Func5onal Groups Circle and name the func5onal groups in the following molecules. 3‐D Structure Penicillin‐G •  hHp://3dchem.com/molecules.asp?ID=250# 3‐D structure Valium •  hHp://3dchem.com/ 3dmolecule.asp?ID=31 Basic Organic Chemistry Reac5ons Unit 8 Week 8 Lecture 16 Basic Reac5ons Addi5on Reac5on Hydrolysis Condensa5on Reac5ons Condensa5on Reac5on Polymeriza5on Type of reac5on in which many subunits – called monomers are Chemically combined to make a large molecule called a polymer....
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