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Lookatpolymeriza5onreac5ons thinkaboutallthe

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Unformatted text preview: Polymers are found in nature: cellulose Polymers are synthe5c: “plas5cs” Plas5cs are engineered to yield desired proper5es. Look at polymeriza5on reac5ons. Think about all the different applica5ons. Basic Addi5on Polymer Represent # of monomer units with n Polyethylene Products What’s going on on a molecular level to get such different proper5es? Structure/Func5on Take a look at a model •  hHp://www.3dchem.com/3dmolecule.asp? ID=332 Basic Organic Chemistry Polymer Addi5on Reac5ons Unit 8 Week 8 Lecture 17‐part 1 Addi5on Reac5on...
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