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Whathappenstoplas5csaner youthrowthemaway unit8 week8

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Unformatted text preview: s – Synthe5c & Natural •  Read on your own the sec5on in your book on polyamides, answer these ques5ons: •  Why is it a copolymer? •  Draw the basic reac5on. •  Suggest why the proper5es of the synthe5c polyamide (nylon) is similar in func5on to a natural polyamide (silk). Is this an example of “structure/func5on”? What happens to plas5cs aner you throw them away? Unit 8 Week 8 Lecture 18 Recycling‐codes mean? Recycling PETE •  Found in: Son drink, water and beer boHles; mouthwash boHles; peanut buHer containers; salad...
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