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CS145_HW1 - CS145 Fall 2013 Introduction to Databases...

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CS145 - Fall 2013 Introduction to Databases Assignment #1 Due Monday October 7 This assignment consists of three automated quizzes, a set of automated XML DTD validation exercises, a set of automated relational algebra exercises, challenge problems. It's a fair amount of work so we recommend you get started early. Please leave time to carefully follow the Submission Instruction below. Automated Quizzes for Basic Material Log into the CS145 Class2Go Site . Make sure you're using the CS145 portal and not the public one. Your SUNet ID should be required to access the si logging in with SUNet also ensures that we properly record your scores. Click on the Quizzes tab. You are to complete three quizzes: XML Quiz (6 problems), JSON Quiz (4 problems), and Relational Algebra Quiz (10 pro There are several versions of each quiz, and you are permitted to take each version up to three times. Note: Throughout the course, all of our quiz questi
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