Overlapping partially seen behind a larger picture 2

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Unformatted text preview: D • Mass- solid matter- the volume is a defined space and may be either solid or hollow- they may be illusionistically represented • Composition- organization or arrangement of forms in a work of art- pictoral depth is a special aspect of composition where the 3D is represented on a 2D surface (picture plane) – the area behind the picture plane is the picture space which is made up of three zones (foreground, middle, background)- there have been many ways to make pictorial depth over histoy 1. Overlapping- partially seen behind a larger picture 2. Diminution- successively smaller elements are perceived as being progressively farther away 3. Vertical perspective- stacks elements- higher ones are further back 4. Atmospheric perspective- objects in the back have less clarity 5. Divergent perspective- the back of the house is wider 6. Convergent persective- the back of the house is smaller and narrower 7. Linear perspective- created in 15c Italy- uses math to make images that converge into vanishing points on the ho...
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