Value degree of lightness or darkeness created by

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Unformatted text preview: and secondary hues complementary: two colors opp. Oin the color wheel warm colors: red, orange, yellow – they advance towards us cool colors: blue, green, violet- they recede from us black= absence of color white= mixture of all colors 2. Value- degree of lightness or darkeness – created by amount of light reflected- dark green has a deeper value than a lisght green 3. Saturation- aka intensity- a color’s quality of brightness or dullness- highly saturated=vivid, low saturation= muddy or greyed • Texture- the tactile (or touch perceived) quality – described by smooth, polished, rough, grainy or oily- has two forms 1. Texture of the actual surface of the work of art 2. Implied (illusionistically desribed) surface • Space- what contains forms- may be actual and 3D (like with sculpture and architecture) , or fictional and represented illusionistically in 2...
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