Media are the materials techniques process that

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Unformatted text preview: f art from a particular historical era 2. Regional style- style traits from a specific region- aka spainish painting from the medieval period 3. Representational Styles- those that describe the appearance of recognizable subject matter in ways that seem lifelike Realism and Naturaliism- represent the world accurately Idealization- strives to create art that is physically perfect according to the prevailing values or tastes of a culture Illusionism- highly detailed style 4. Abstract Styles- depart form the norms to create the essence of a form • Nonrepresentational (or nonobjective) art- term used for works that do not want to be recognizable • Expressionism – styles in whish the artist exaggerates to draw out the beholders subjective response or to project the artists own subjective feelings 5. Linear- describes styles and techniques 6. Painterly- stlye of representation where vigorous, evident brushstrokes dominate and outlines, shadows, and highlights are brushed in freely Medium and Technique • Medium: (pl. media) are the materials • Techniques: process that transforms media into are • 2D Media and Techniques: painting, drawing, p...
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