132 lapith fighting a centaur mrtrope relief from the

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Unformatted text preview: of the parth • The pedimental sculpture is fragmented- • The triumph of Greece over Persia • Celebration of Athena • • • • Triumph of greeks over barbanisms- the greeks saw themselves as the height and everyone else was barbaric WEST_ contestbetween Athena and poseian- who were fighitn over the patron god of Athens Athena and zues apex figures but neither one survived Athenas birth- sprung from dad’s head (zeus) fully grown and wearing armor- she won patron god- won against posedion in contest Central fig would have been flanked by goddess figures Hestia- sis of z, dionay- z mistress and Aphrodite, her daughter On left- goddess Demeter and persephony and iris was the runner of the gods Classic greek sculpture- very solid- Nude male figure- prob Hercules or dionysis- both have animal skin iconography • • • • • Dying warrior from the right corner of the west pediment • Dying, in agony • Looks natural • Leg protrudes • Much more 3d with drapery • Compared to older archaic dying figure- strange stiffness • It is all about the body- every pose is to emphasize the parts of the body • Focuse on the muscles- experimentation of posing the body in order to emphasize the perfectness • Medapese= relief sculptures Pg 132 Lapith fighting a centaur – mrtrope relief from the Doric frieze on the Parthenon • Rep greek triumph over unbridled passion • REASON- very important- logic, balance- not over the top emotion and drama yet • Very dynamic composition • Very balanced, symmetrical- amzing drapery0 relisitic Pg 135 High Classical Period Marshals and young women from ionic frieze of Parth • Rep tradtion of clothing athena statue • These are not individual portraits but representational types- types of people- the ideal citizen- the citizens of a successful city • Classical time period- all about the IDEAL- the ideal body, man, woman etc • The overall message is that Athenians are powerful, healthy, vigorous, united and part of democratic process • Top part is higher relief than bottom- it makes sense when looking up a it • Linear garments- unify individuals – meant to be marching • Tilted figures cathches light from below and illuminates it- mathemateical feat ...
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