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Living sace but then later a fortress and sanctuary

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Unformatted text preview: • they always do funny things- they are drinking – having fun • touching each other- some have eractions High Classical A lot of war Sparta wars- Athens and Sparta turn against each other A lot fo destruction Acropylis destroyed Perikles- dominated culture and politics and apatron of the arts but aso a champion for Athens- promoted a public image of peace, power, prosperity and the enduring marvel of Athens Phidias- sculpture put in charge of rebuilding 129 Model of Athenian scropolic 447 BCE • re- build all of the things • acro- high polis- city • acrop- highest point in city • prior to the building campaigns it was a living sace but then later a fortress and sanctuary • the acrop became to relig and ceremonial center of the city • peric- demands to rebuild after Persians destroy it • some wanted to keep it destroyed • dedicated to athea who helped them defeat • civic values and Athenian values • re built 432 BCE • Athena- nike- the vistory goddess- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - • Parth- temple on top –most imp- would have had an Athena Pg 130 Parthenon Athens • Meant to be seen from exterior- not everyone could go into cella and see Athena but was a place were reg citizens could pilgrimage and wlak around it • There were incredible sculptures • Reconstruction of cult dstatue of Athena- gold and ivory- in the cella • Peric commissioned kalikrates and iktinos- on previous athen temple ground • Only finest white marble even on the roof • Planning required math, mechanical skils- oversee a lot- truly a group effort • Expression of Athens and the citizens of Athens • In order to prevent saggin distance probs- they curved the base slightly upward- no straight lines on this building • The columns entisis- suttle swelling and tilt slightly inward Pg 132 Sections of east pediment...
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