The Hellenistic Period

Pergamon would have been on mountainshde huge frieze

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Unformatted text preview: not great warrior- hunched over, head down, his hair was spiky and he has a mustache- • Sense of dignity, he is dying sort of peacefully- we see him in a struggle- makes you reflect on power and dignity of people that created this- memorial to a war • We are meant to not just look at this Pg 153 Reconstructed west front fo the alter from pergamon • Would have been on mountainshde- huge • Frieze goes all the way around Athena Attacking the giants • She is ripping the hair of a winged male monster and forcing him to his knees • High drama, lots of swirling figures and a very dynamic looking composition • • • • The monsters are terrified- almost like theatre In comparison- parth looks constrained More textrure- dark, light, diverse- not self contained, smooth unit-...
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