Infantdionysus contrapossto more emphasized his whoel

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Unformatted text preview: go- he dies of fever- had not named successor His three prime generals divided up the areas Artists relaxed conventions Lysippose- A the Great- earnest look, contrapostto Spear bearer vs Praxiteles, hermes and the infantdionysus contrapossto more emphasized his whoel body just elongated more intimacy- almost a narrative major changes are happening Praxiteles, hermes and the infantdionysus vs Praxiteles Aphrodite of Knidos • she is about to take a bath- so she is naked- there is an excuse • her attmpt to cover herself draws more attntion to it • first time we see a naked girl • this particular sculpture was written about a lot bc so titillating • knidos- city that commissioned it- created a hosue to house it for people to come •...
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