Art and Architecture in Ancient Egypt

Associated with king where ruler renews kingship

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Unformatted text preview: burial- serdab (room inside) where rituals would happen and where ka (lifeforce) was housed- as long as ka had o o o o o place to reside, then you would live on in eternity – buried with theings they had in life- the burial pits where underneath the musstaba- it was simply a marking point, a place for burial- expression of rank Necropolis- greek word for city of the dead- many mustabas would be located here- Stepped pyramid of djoser- third dynasty king- commissioned this for himself- enlarged version of mustaba idea- there are several mustabas stacked on top of each other- 60 meters high- very different from the ziggurats even though they look the same- Sed festival- associated with king where ruler renews kingship every year- whena king dies, he is still present in a real sense- as a result, you must pay attention to the king – each king is associated with sun god Ra but he is very much on earth still Ka statue- medium in which the ka or the life/spirit/soul where king resides and as a result, he needs to be fed, placated etc Different from zigguart- zig- temple on the top /pyr- tem...
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