Art and Architecture in Ancient Egypt

Contained added by ramys the second great temple of

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Unformatted text preview: flabby, not a lot of physical labor- expression in his face , smile etc- has papyrus and stylus- scribe was respected position- would be in close contact with courts- lower class than a king- we see flexibility in terms of rendering- underscores the deliberatness fo the rendering og the king Pepy II and his mother Queen Ankhnes Merye- 6th Dynasty- alabaster o he is depicted as smaller than his mother which is weird o but his mother was his regent o we see a small adult in her lap- not a child- we see them as almost equal rulers- they don’t interact with each other though o there is no human interaction here o alabaster is easy to work with o but except for her hand on his leg, there is no human relationship o most early king statues is them stuck in the block The New Kingdom • not many architecture form middle period so just skipping it • around 1630 BCE there is a violent interruption in the succession of dynasties and there is an invasion- the power structure is tenuous • Thutmos the third- 18 dynssty rulerextended to syria0 first to use the word “pharaoh” – means great hou...
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