Art and Architecture in Ancient Egypt

Illiterate public the goal prior to this was

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Unformatted text preview: se- • Many extensive building projects along nile- • Pylon- massive gateways that taper at the top- give a sense of ceremony and an indication that you are moving into a holy space from an earthly realm- each entryway has a massive gateway- • Parastyle courtyard- courtyard surrounded by columns- very dense area of massive columns- symmetrical and axial- it is meant to be a pilgrimage to reach the heart of the temple until you get to a cult statue of the particular god- they were not for the general public - clerestory- windows at the top- these were not for light but for air bc it was so contained- added by ramys the second- Great temple of amun and karnak- coums with papyriform and bud capials- a forest fo columns that you have to navigate- the priest would have washed amans staute every morning- and fed him all the time- treated him like a living being- bc this housed the ka Funerary temple of Hatshepsut- deir el- baihri 1473- 1458 BCE- close to valley of kings- o Built into rock in valley of the kings o Probably was covered in relief and would have been pa...
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