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Art and Architecture in Ancient Egypt

The deliberatness fo the rendering og the king pepy ii

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Unformatted text preview: upporting him- throne has papyrus on the sides- lotus flower- symbols of unification for upper and lower Egypt- he is barefoot, wearing bear etc- all symbol of a king – he doesn’t look like individual- this sint a portrait of khafra- it is a portrait of power- done on purpose to create a continuity of rulership and power- all of the pharaohs are very very young- youth - - menkaura and a queen from giza- 2590- 2472 BCEtightly joined- one uint- made of greywacke- very strong and hard to work with –expensive- flawless reign- queen’s gesture is supporting him= athletic and youthful pose- ideal couple and ruler- attempt at motion- he has one foot foreword and his queen does too – detail in his dress her role as a mother is emphasized- she is being reduced to her uterus- it is highlighted- she mimicks hims a lot- her hair looks like his and they are in perfect step with each other- theyare both youthful and the soft modeling of them- his knew caps have deatisl- very high relief sculpture- they are conneted to the block seated scribe- Saqqara- 5th dynasty 2450- 2325 bce- sagging body, slightly...
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