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The cella and the naos central room housed statue of

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Unformatted text preview: about things • Site for Pythian games- athletic, music, dance, poetry- all in honor of Apollo • Stoa- columned pavilian open on both sides to sit, rest and admire Pg 107- Reconstruction of Treasury of Siphians- sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi • Has caryatids- specific column of woman with capital on top of head- archaic style- not expressive face, rigid body, geometric looking- • Has a frieze- top register of building, follows around the whole building Pg 108- Battle Between the Gods and Giants- • Sophisticated and complex use of space • High relief and low relief combination Ancient Greek Temple Pg 110 • The cella and the naos- central room- housed statue of god • The pronaos- vestibule before the inner cella- indicated entrance • In antis- embedded columns • Amphiprostyle- columns in back • Peripteral- (Parthenon) where the columns all meet • Doric order- much plainer and simpler- has no embellishments on the capital (top register) the pediment- is filled with sculpture- instead of a friese, you...
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