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Background which is pale we start see naturalistic

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Unformatted text preview: eir funerary art focuses on the survivers- not on the life of the dead Orientalizing Period • Ceremaic painters moved away from geometric style Pg 105- Olpe pitcher- Corinth with black figure • Black figure • Less details, less stuff- more blank space- more spread out • Sharp contrast between background which is pale • We start see naturalistic and curving lines • Sense of movement • Doesn’t have two handle- so less balanced • More central figures Archaic Period: 620- 480 BCE Pg 106- Sanctuary at Delphi • Zues released two birds and met there • On the side of a picturesque mountain- carved right into earth • Santuaries include outdoor alters, shrines, outdoor elements • Meandering path- almost a pilgiriimage up to the site • Greeks had irregular arch- each building was different • Outside was focus- compared to egypts which was the inside • Rituals were performed outside- huge emphasis on int • Renowned as oracle where Apollo talked to people through the Pythia- even foreign rulers would come ask...
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