Ancient Greece

Pornaos two entrances this building works in

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Unformatted text preview: see triglyph and metopes alternating- shaft and then a base • Ionic order- has volutes- with carved at top of columns These two stles are found in archaic order- have to do with capital and the elevation just above the capital • Carinthian- has much more detail Pg 109- Temple of Her I • Dedicated to wife of Zeus • Located at Paestum in the former colony of Poseidonia in Italy • A peristyle surrounds main room (cela) • There are Doric columns that support a frieze • These column shafts swell in the middle and then contract- refere to entasis- more dynamic sense of energy and lift • The pronaos- has two doorways to cella- the two doorways are unusual, might have been dedicted to two deities or two encarnations od hera (as the mother and as the warrior and protector of city)- the adyton in the back mig...
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