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Bab intellectual and cultural center legal code of

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Unformatted text preview: ols- represent divinity- he is the closes to divinity- cones on his helmet- symbols for divinity- Alexander the great also puts horns on himself- establish means of relating yourself to divinity Pg 30 – comparing the carved vessels and naramsin:- the registers show important- naramsin even ahs diagonal registers- the subject matter is related to strength of empire and power of ruler- vessel- - - > has the god- all figures in profile and 2D- hips and feet on the side- all composite profiles – both are low relief- vessel (alabaster) nar (limestone)- the vase was only used once- the stele was used everyda0 be in a public area and to show a message- stele is a billboard for a message- propagande of power of individual - vessel private image- reflection of ideals of a culture not means of propaganda Ancient Near East: Babylon • 300 years later- in 792 BCE Hamurbi reunited southern Mesopotamia- codifies the alw and beings order- Babylon is the capital- he is ruler of south • bab- intellectual and cultural center • legal...
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