Ancient Near East

Look at sumerian iconography and values etc women

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Unformatted text preview: thenticating objects and documents • The queen one- very elaborate banquet scene with two registers- features women (rare) and it is very stylized- with the imagery, you can find out about the person • There are so many of them, but very often this is where you see the imagery of man plus animal and it’s a vey intimate place to look at Sumerian iconography and values etc • Women toasting and praising • These are four centimeters tall Ancient Near East: Akkad • Settled to north of Sumer- spoke a Semitic lang (same as Arabic or Hebrew) – these are the groups in the odl testament • Sargon I- most pop ruler- dominated all of south Mesopotamia- ruled from capitol at akkad (the site has yet to be discovered) - elevated himself to status of god- there are few artifacts associated wth akkadians • PG 33- head of a man (akkadian ruler)copper alloy- it is probably a king- it is wearing a crown- hairstyles is important esp to communicate status- this is a kingly ruler- bc of then beard- very elaborat...
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