Ancient Near East

Their complexes and fortified cities and citidels

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Unformatted text preview: code of hamurabi- penalties and laws etc of the code • pg 38- stele of hamurabi- made of diorite- hard to work, sense of permanence- black rock - shamesh sitting on backless throne- he is wearing a conical cap that has horns on it- he has fire extending from his shoulders- hamurabi- gesture of prayer and reference- they are discussing the laws- the god is handing over the rules of man- this reminds us of moses- Shamesh is handing over the laws on tablets- - cuneiform underneath describing laws and punishments etc - how is this consistent with the stele of naramsim- we see a ruler as the same level as a god- they are interacting with each other- this si the divine right of rulership- there is also a list of temples ham has restored- and this makes ham look like a peace maker- this is a law that makes uniform treatment of all people - wealthy over poor, man over woman - adultery- couple thrown into water and if don’t drown then it was innocent- - death penalty for...
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