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Them even though they dominated pg 27 stele of

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Unformatted text preview: e beard only for important people- the eyes might have been inlayed with shell or lapis lazily or precious stones- has a geometric qulity that lays the foundation for art later on- this is very influencial art to the greeks etc- this particular ruler fell out of power, his object was mutilated as a means of symbolically destroying a person- takes away sight • • • and sound (ears nd eyes)- many thought this is sargon himself- but still up to debate bc argue that the face and hairstyle are generally ideal instead of a specific individual – many times, there were small giveaways that show that it was a real person (mole, crooked nose etc) We don’t have a lot about them even though they dominated Pg 27- Stele of Naramsin- the king conquering and ascending towards divinity- his is bigger, the empire expanding- shows the empire growing and conquering- symbol of power in an easily readable way- Nar is the grandson of Sargon the first- this is an interest in maintaining a sence of continuity visually- - the solar symb...
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