Ancient Near East

Ancient Near East

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Unformatted text preview: stealing from palace, temple, helping slave escape, no helping army- this was a very public place and a visual reminder tha these laws came from a god Assyria: • much more north- a people called the Assyrians 7 cent BCE- extend all the way over to Egypt- by 6 cent BCE it had collapsed • their complexes and fortified cities and citidels were the coolest things- there are several different capitals • Kalhu- palace of assurnasirpal- very bright colors • Human headed winged lion (lamassu)- combo of man and creature- the large beard- someone of power and consequence- perhaps divine – detailing of hair and feathers was very detailed – very stylized (geometric etc)- you can see it foreward and from the side- very intimidating beasts that are a reminder of the power of the individual- sense of movement • Pg 40 – Assurnasirpal II killing lions- made of alabaster- king chasing down lions- more ceremonial hunt that is under controlled conditions- we see the power of the king- he is the main character, the middle and he...
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